Let's Make Robots!

give ur robot an emotional face!!

gives ur robot a pleasant smile!
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ive been always dreaming of making a robot friend since childhood (so does everyone?) and the first thing u might think of,is his/her face!well making a physical face which can make emotional moods is a hardcore effort right?(though i would accept that challenge if i have the cash!)

so a simple way to make this wish come true is using a display!yes!just display any kind of mood u want.its not a hassle these days.

so i stole my dad's old broken cell phone and ripped the lcd.its easy to use in BASCOM AVR cause the library is included.

the thing is if u want to display a really good looking face,u got to save the pics in flash rom which eats all ur flash space,unless u are using a processor with gigantic rom!(or maybe using sd card..)


at the first try i drew the face with lcd's commands.(circles,boxes,lines,dots) and i made that face kind of blink :)


right now this lcd is in another project (servo/rc5 test + simple oscilloscope/bargraph) ill upload that later.



i used atmega8 (as usual) and set the clock @8mghz but still its slow and u need some techniques to overcome this problem.