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Atmega - Programming Flash .. FAILED!

Hi, when I want put program in to Atmega644 it shows: Erasing device .. FAILED! , but when i click on "Read Signature" everything is OK. I am using programmer compatible with STK500 and AVR studio. Help please.

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When I click on Verify it shows:

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Sorry It is not "erasing device failed", but "programming flash failed" after that is "erasing failed". I tried programming at 3.1V and everything OK. At 5V error but at 3.1V OK, I do not understand . ti is two board first with processos and second with LCD and ISP.

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I am not sure why it is that way.

I am not an ATmega expert, but I see at the Atmel site that all versions of that chip should be good up to 5.5 volts, This may seem a silly responce, but if it is working at 3.1 volts, why not just use it at that voltage and not worry about it?

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Board is for robot and a I do not have space for next board :( . and i want figured out why it works only at 3V :D

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Sorry, I cannot tell.

A google search shows me that a lot of people have various troubles with stk500, so perhaps reading through some of those answers will help.

 I would probably have to personally inspect the set-up, take readings, etc. Since I cannot, it will probably not be possible for me to answer that question.  Hopefully someone else will have an answer.


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It would help if you supplied more information and a photo of your haredware setup. How have you connected the chip?