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Line robot sensor

Hey guys, i want to build a line following robot and I was scouring ebay for some sensors


I found these but I wasn't sure if they would work, as I haven't done this before. They're pretty cheap.

These are even cheaper :)

Thanks Basile, and the LMR community.

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Once you get the sensors, you could feed the outputs to a specific set of resistors and read the whole batch on an analog pin to figure out where the line is. :) Treat them like a switch matrix being read on an analog pin.

They are a good choice to short distance like you need it for a line follower. I am using one in my R2D2 clone http://letsmakerobots.com/node/31848 and get a max. trigger distance of about 10-15mm depending on the light conditions. less than 5US$ for 10 of them is a good deal.

Just be careful, add the current limiter resistors or the LED will burn very soon ;-)