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Controlling a robot from Google+ Hangouts

Hi guys

I'm trying to create a google+ hangouts application to let us to control a robot (like magabot, for example), directly from there.

I already created the interface of the application, it is actually pretty simple, if you want to have a look it is hosted here: http://magabot.cc/hangouts/magabot-hangouts/.

Now I need to send the directions from there to the serial port of the computer connected to the robot. I've seen some projects, but haven't managed to have any of them working yet (I'm a newbie on javascript and this kind of communication). 

Does any of you have done something like this or know how to do it?

Any input is apreciated! :)

Hangouts API link: https://developers.google.com/+/hangouts/


Update - 26 Jun 2012

Good news, the application already works very well. Just after I made this post I found this library and managed to start sending the orders by google chat messages to the robot. With a friend, João Ribeiro, we created a nice and simple interface for controlling the robots, either by clicking the buttons on the screen or by using the keyboard's arrows.

Some days after me and other friend, André Moreira, had it working almost for three days at a Portuguese science fair, in which it showed to be working very well.


Now we finally have a video, hope you enjoy it and join us us to try it out soon!

And, as always, any comments are welcome!

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Have a look :D

Later today we will host an hangout to let you guys test this application and control our robots. 

Maybe we can do some races or just play around with the magabots.

Keep an eye on the g+ event: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c5l9nfpgdcbsesgcv6kb9240qnc/113702254746515535621

See you soon!

this should be an awesome application for the Berlin Robot camp!!!