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Servo control

Ok ok. So I have an arduino UNO, a servo and i wolud like to :

1: slow down the speed of the servo

2: find out and remember the last servo moves, like in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXSho9loGYU&feature=related . I wonder if it is possible to move the servo, and then the arduino board to reproduce the exact movements. 

If anyone could help, thanks in advance :)

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Use a "for-loop". You can use the "Sweep" example as a... well, example.

You will need a sensor to determine the servo position and log that in the arduino and then reproduce it. You would need to fit an encoder to the servo. The ABB robot in the video is fitted with absolute encoders and actually pretty easy to code. I've played with ABB Robotstudio at work.

An alternative to adding an encoder is to read the analog pot that's already inside the servo, by hacking into the case and adding an extra wire.