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Having one of those days where your too lazy to do anything? Have a robot doodle for you while you sit back in your favorite chair. This is a very simple drawing robot that was actually started by one of our student engineers. I just made the base plate bigger so I could add a third servo to raise and lower the pen.

My base plate is laser cut acrylic but it could easily have been a small food container, CD or a piece of wood. Just use some double sided tape or hotglue to hold it all together.

Because the Micro Magician has the dual "H" bridge, IR receiver and servo outputs already built in this is a very simple robot to build. Just plug in the batteries, geared motors and servo.

I set the servo voltage selection jumper to 3.3V. Some servos will not operate at 3.3V but the little black duck servos seem to work fine, just a little underpowered. I could run the servo directly from the battery but it is 8.4V when fully charged which is dangerously high for a 6V servo.

Programming was easy as well. The Micro Magician library has drivers for the H bridge as well as the IR receiver. I have attached the code and latest version of the Micro Magician library which can also be downloaded from my product support site: https://sites.google.com/site/daguproducts/

This robot is a great way to entertain the kids on a rainy day. Simple to build and easy to use.


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waiting for that sir,please do :)

That's insane! As proved by the fact that only the mad can draw a perfect circle.


looks like it wouldn't be too difficult to program libraries of ready made shapes for this. Stars, squares, rhombi, etc...

Only the mad can draw a perfect circle? That is an interesting concept. I have not heard that line before.


(Thinking about it, I am remembering back in first grade at primary school, how we had to draw circles hour after hour to help us learn hand control for proper writing. Our grades depended on how perfect the circles were. Was that not done in other schools?)

I've never heard of teachers making you draw circles to improve handwriting. I hope you all became doctors to prove them wrong :D

I entered school in 1950 or 1951.

(I could figure out which year but more bother than it's worth at the moment)

So I presume it was just the difference in teaching methods then versus later versus today.  Today (I guess because of computers etc.) they have stopped teaching cursive writing in this part of the world, —only printing.  How are they expected to sign their names? —aparantly they are only expected to "click" the box. Maybe that's why we can't read medical doctor's writing.

As to changes in teaching methods, there was a time not long before I entered school, when all grade school students were expected to carry a knife to sharpen their pens (nicknamed a penknife). Our desks still had inkwells in them, but we no longer used the pen and ink. We had graduated to pencils... YAY. My dad taught school in a small rural one-room schoolhouse, years before I was born and he said all the students still used quill pens, so I suppose such things depend on where the schools are located.

Cursive writting, we called it "running writting" when I was taught it over 30 years ago.

I admit after years of using a computer I had trouble remembering how to do cursive writting when I went to colledge for my AD in electronics. It took a few days to get back into the swing of it. That was 20 years ago so I would need to practice again.

Yes, when I was young the old wooden school desk still had holes for the inkwells. I'm not sure if this says anything about the area or just government penny pinching.

I can't really say how modern teaching methods compare as I am in China now but my 8 year old son definitely has to study much harder than I ever did just to learn to read and write in Chinese. He goes to school before I start work and is still studying at 9pm with maybe only 1 hour of play or TV when he gets home from school.

Even day care centers here focus on educating the children although they might focus on art or music more than writing and math.



now what i need is a favorate chair!!lol its nice! u could also add a random drawing program.by some natural patterns it might be able to draw simple fractal drawings :D its just an idea though