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An alternative Language/OS for your Max-32

Did you buy a Digilent Max-32 for the 32 bit processor and the Arduino compatability (these boards are VERY Arduino compat.)

Do you know you have an entire OS including the Basic language available to you for FREE???

See the following website for details on: http://www.cpustick.com/ (StickOS).

(By the way, those with a Uno-32 boards are not left out, you can do the same thing!)

Problems: Any time you change (or update!) firmware on any device, you run the risk of "bricking" the device (basically trashing it beyond user repair, sometimes beyond even the manufacturers capabilities,)

Now that you have the new OS installed, plan on using it for a while. Getting back to being a Arduino is possible but it's not an easy process.

One more time! You will be installing a system that IS NOT an Arduino!!!!

Is it worth it? Do you want something different (but mabe not better) than an Arduino? I tried it and was VERY impressed. Nice!

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I was looking at the info on that page and I don't see any reference to using AtMel processors (Arduino), just PICs and others.

The language looks similar to PICAXE language, but actually more like the old Basic such as used in the Radio Shack Color Computer and others. It does appear to have some things the picaxe basic does not.


I'll check it out.  Thanks. I have multiple Arduinos, so I should be able to reburn it if it fails. (Guess it depends on what the new software does to it, though.)

I didn't have much to lose. I followed the instructions to the letter on the website and the firnware change went fine.

Then it was IN NO WAY an Arduino! It acted completely different and I think the new version would make for one heck of a nice robot controller! (Once you look at just the first section of the manual you know enough to control I/O pins, drive a servo and do all the analog coversion needed to control a fairly simple robot) With all the easy to use commands there it wouldn't take long to make a nice robot! Notice (being Basic) how just plain easy it is to get code running.

Running "StickOS" requires a "change in gears" mentally to use the new firmware (for me it was a fast and easy change).

(It is also fun to think at that point you are really directly using the 32 bit PIC without having to compile and run Arduino code.)

It was enlightening and enjoyable activity for me. I hope it is the same for you!