Let's Make Robots!

My RC Bot

'Moves' -not joking!


LOL for the first video....

Hmmm..... This is my second 'Bot'... most- of the robots here are Autonomous but this one is Semi-Autonomous[obviously]...

I have just took A battery holder containing 4 non-rechargable batteries {producing a total of 1.5*4=6V} which power up the motors the switches are connected in the way such as switching switch1 ON,turns Motor1 forward and vice-versa {same for both motors}






The switch:


Sorry for the bad videos....
But Youtube claims to fix them..! {wonder how}

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Is actually not a ROBOT...

But I wanted to share it...!

 what are the semi autonomous tasks that it does??


seems you are also an Indian here...

I am too an Indian-a student...


OK-for your question: This robot is simple...

I just got inspiration from normal RC Cars..

They are wireless....mine is wired.....They have simple wirelles controllers....I have two switches!


Now WHAT IT DOES::: As I've mentioned, It just moves, using the switch Combo,

  • both switches ON- moves fwd
  • right switch ON- moves left
  • left switch ON - moves right
  • Both switches OFF - ah..Stops