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Starting with Arduino

Hi all,

I've been using many different Picaxe's for quite a while to develop different types of robots but ive never used or touched an Arduino.

i was thinking of buying one except i have no clue about the different types. is there a certain model that is simple to learn the basics with and are there any extra parts or tools i need to use Arduino.

Thanks, Will

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http://itp.nyu.edu/physcomp/Tutorials/Tutorials. It has some awesome info. Must view atleast once.

There are a few members that have webshops and carry arduino based boards that also have motor driving capablilities on board.



ok, so what ive understood about the motor driving capabilities of the arduino with a atmega avr shield is that you cannot drive a motor directly from this you need to get a motor shield.  with all my picaxe projects i used a L293D motor driver, is this able to be used with the Arduino?

Sure, the L293 is very common for Arduino projects. Welcome on the other side ;-)

Yeah, thanks for that. it seems for me that the language change is the biggest problem at the moment. none of it makes sense. but then neither did pic basic when i started using that. i guess i'll soon learn it.
You can download a book titled Arduino Robotics. It is one of the best guides (even dan m has given it 5* rating) and will give you a jump start into programming and making projects with arduino.

thanks for that, just had a look at the description of that book, sounds like something i'll be purchasing soon.

Or give me your email and I'll forward it to you.

yeah decided id go with the torrents instead of the purchase, cheers


Sorry for double comment