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What would you see if you had half a day in New York?

Yes, I could ask Google, and everyone else - But a I am going on business to the apple, and have like half a day available with a colleauge - and I wonder if we have LMRians who have been there, or even lives there, who will tell us what to do, who to see, what to try, where to go? - What would you do?

Thanks :)


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   if your in town on business you are probably in midtown , wall street or Soho.  all those areas are safer then most of the cities in Europe these days. 

for something different you can try the SECOND AVENUE DELI. its a old school kosher deli between Lexington and 3rd ave on 33rd st. 

and the store METALLIFEROUS at 34 West 46th Street is worth a look.

i hope you enjoy your visit.


Too bad you are not here for longer. We could do a local LMR meet up. But since you only have half a day...

Food: Too many choices to mention. Fine dining choices abound, from Italian, to Sushi to Brazilian Churrascarias.  If you have a favorite cuisine or something you've always wanted to try, let me know and I'll give you a recommendation. Try New York style pizza and a bagel, at the least.

Film/Theater: Catch a Broadway or Off-Broadway show. TKTS in Times Square sells discount tickets on the same day of the performance. If you like film, there's the Film Forum and the Angelika are my two favorite indy film spots.  

Night Life/Drinks: Also too many to mention unless you narrow down your preferences. However, I'll give you two I have always liked. There's a funky speakeasy-like sake bar in the East Village (9th Street and 2nd Ave) called Decibel. Low ceilings, weird Japanese decor, best sake I've ever tasted. No credit cards, no reservations, NO SUSHI. Walk down the stairs and ring the bell for entry. For real.

For the ultimate in world-wide beer selection, try the Peculier Pub on Bleecker Street. Old wooden tables and a huge selection of beers from around the world.

Museums: Others have already mentioned the Metropolitan and the Guggenheim. I particularly like the exhibit on ancient arms and armor at the Met. There's also the Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). 

Music and more: Once again, there are so many choices. Time Out NY is a good resource for music, as well as food and other entertainments.


Time out NY is a great one! Of course I would say that, Time out NY features our trips out of the city :D

there is the New York Hall of Science, and i cant find it anymore,
but i think there was a museum of computer gaming somewhere in NY.




I live in NY so you could visit a real New Yorker lol (you are more than welcome)

I would hit Times Square check it out and run away. Super crowded there. Take the "S" train(subway) at 42nd st.. it goes one way only. Get off at other end and get on the 4 or 5 train(uptown express) to 86th st. All the Museums below are in walking distance of this subway station. 

Maxirez is correct the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a few blocks from my Apartment and I go there a lot due to the "donation" rule :) pay whatever you like and go in. Most people from out of town pay full price not knowing this rule.

The Guggenheim is even closer to my place but charges full price. :(

If you are here on a Sat or Sun you could go with my company hiking upstate on a day hike and winery adventure on the house(free).

Last but not least... Take a cab anywhere just for fun if you have never done that.

Hmmm, take a cab in New York City?   Er...  was that said in jest?   :-)

Everyone is telling you about the good things in New York. I feel someone should mention the possible dangers, -expecially to people not used to the city.

I suppose I could warn you to not let anyone see how much money is in your wallet. (Some parts of the city are ok, but others are best avoided.)  I guess what I am saying is to remember there are millions of people in NYC and while there are a lot of good people, there are also bad ones.  Some places walking around with a brand new camera would be perfectly fine, but in others it could get you robbed. You are safer in a group.


It seems every other person on the street has a 5000 dollar camera so.... Tourist are everywhere and then you hve hipster photographers all over the place. Not to mention an army of cops, in every subway station and their cameras on every inch of the city and on top of that they anti aircraft weapons. :)

I stand corrected, then. It has been several years since I've been in New York City. It's good to hear that things are much better there. Still, it is probably wise to be careful.


Now if they would just do something about Detroit. After all, it is much too close to here… —Maybe they could move it somewhere? –like…  —Say, it is nearly 2400 miles between Hawaii and California… What if they were to drop Detroit about in the middle between the two?

That would rid Toledo (where I live) of its questionable "big brother" (53 miles / 85 km away), leaving only Windsor, Ontario (53 miles / 85 km away). Yes, it is the same distance to both; just drive north and if you want to go to Windsor, (and why wouldn't you?) hang a right at the bridge over the Detroit River. Windsor is a much nicer city; that may be because it's in Canada. You can even walk around there alone at night. Ha ha.  While Toledo has a lot of good restaurants, I have been known to drive a lady to Windsor for an evening's dinner. It's very pleasant to find a nice spot along the Canadian side of the Detroit River, and look across the water at the lights of Detroit on the US side (without actually having to go there).


(Hmmm, have to go for now. I'm starting to make plans for creating a large island of floating garbage anchored to the sea floor between Hawaii and California.) Take care.

NYC is safe for the most part. I live in the city and if you are not out late a night alone in the wrong section of town the you should be just fine. I was car jacked in birmingham, almost robbed in Memphis in day light and had my home robbed in Atlanta twice plus my car was broken into. Nothing has happened while living in manhattan, Brooklyn or bush wick(and it's bad there at times.) As Dan said I would watch my back and money in any city. I walk my dog in is one, take cabs and ride the subway, Chief my dog would say it's a great city. If you have never taken a cab it is a daily way of life for Lots of real new yorkers. Plus is classic.

When we were there we were suprised by how helpful everybody was and how safe the streets felt.  We saw women jogging down quiet streets on their own at night and we couldn't stop to look at a map without someone asking if we needed help.  There is a very visible NYPD presence in the busier areas - The NYPD station in Times Square is a sight to see at night!  There again, there were what could only be bullet holes in some of the subway kiosk windows. 

The subways are an experience in themselves; The air-conditioning is a welcome reprieve from the heat of the city on a hot day, but in a couple we rode it sounded like there were were people pounding on the outside of the cars with crowbars - They are not a smooth ride #;¬)