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What would you see if you had half a day in New York?

Yes, I could ask Google, and everyone else - But a I am going on business to the apple, and have like half a day available with a colleauge - and I wonder if we have LMRians who have been there, or even lives there, who will tell us what to do, who to see, what to try, where to go? - What would you do?

Thanks :)


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That all sounds about right! I would say stay away from the Bronx. Harlem is not so bad as it was in the past...I still stay away unless I have business or am going to visit a friend. I help out of towners all the time on the street... "which way to Central park?" Most common. :)

That reminds me, it's a beautiful day out. Headed out to walk chief(my dog) to the Met and sit on the steps with a Pretzel bread bunned hotdog with a little mustard! 

Hmmm, last I recall, Central Park is so big how could they miss it? Did they take part of it away for high-rise apartments? Ha ha.


double post


no the city mixes people up and they cant figure out if the park is this way or that way lol. It's a 50/50 most times left or right lol

I live in the UK but was in Manhattan for four days the year before last before we moved on down to Maryland and across to the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I'm a country boy at heart but was really WOW'ed by NYC - It's an amazing place!

There are so many interesting places there, but if you've only got half a day I'd suggest you go to the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller building) to get a brilliant view of the city from above - There's a good restaurant at the bottom near the fountains and the nearby Lego shop is worth a look. Then take the subway North to the 72nd Street entrance to Central Park and walk through Strawberry fields to the Bethesda Terrace and fountain to see the buskers.  If you're there in the evening, Times Square is well worth a look.

Whatever you do, make sure you get yourself high up at some point.  New York is a very VERTICAL city. You'll find you'll end the day with a stiff neck from looking UP all the time ;¬) 


I'm posting this via my phone while on a bus ride to NYC on a Spanish class overnight field trip. Maybe I'll see you, although I doubt you'll be in the Hispanic area of NYC :D

Ha, no, it'll be a in a couple of weeks. Cool though, thanks for posting ;)

Burger Joint.


Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That way you see Central Park by default and all the best Art and culture jammed into one, and if you're fast you can get to the Guggenheim just a block up the street too. A half day does neither justice but it's better than skipping anything.