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R2D2 on a budget


This r2 is built with the mission of helping non-profit and charity organizations. So far, this droid has appeared at Adopt-a-pet, the local church fall festival for 2 years, and various events at the shopping mall. He also was built with the idea of being robust and affordable, kids can approach and touch, which can be a bit tough on him, but so far, no turnovers or major damage.

  Gear: two 100 watt scooter motors, chain drive on 12 volts, sabre speed controller. 4 lipoly  batteries in parallel for

16 ah. 6 channel r/c surface frequency.  Automotive audio amp wirh a bluetooth transmitter so i control sound from my

shirt pocket up to 10 meters. A drill with a wheel chucked in rubs inside the dome and spins it like crazy. (his only

defensive weapon)

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