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ATMega AVR Pin Sticker

Okay, so I was bored and flipping through Adafruit tonight and I saw that they had stickers like these for $3/10.  Not that I want to take money out of Limor's pocket, but I thought I'd share these with my LMR kin:

Print them out at 150dpi on adhesive paper (or regular paper and use double-sided tape) to attach them to your Arduino compatible 28 PDIP AVRs.  They come in handy when you're trying to remember what goes to ground, where to put your crystal and especially keeping track of your I/O pins.  (Pin 1 is Rst so keep your notch between it and A5.)

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Here they have a vectorized EPS file which should make higher resolution prints possible, giving clearer print result.


These are very handy stickers. I've just bootloaded an ATmega328 on a breadboard and these would have been very helpful.