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Roams around, seeking for humans, tries to interact with them

Update 05/06/2012

Voice recorder board finished and assembled. The loudspeaker (0.5 W/8Ω) is from an old toy, came in nicely in a small plastic box, which covers the speaker and improve the sound (soundbox). Some basic programming done, see video DOC_0002.



This is one of my projects, I wanted to share with you before I am going to holiday. Inspiration for the robot was the DRK8080 from Doctor robot, hence the name DOC. So far I have finished the 5 DOF robot head. The head was partly designed with Google Sketchup, mainly to avoid faults in construction. I can only recommand this, even your robot is much simpler from the mechanical point of view. Tools and materials I have used:


  • Cordless drill/various metal drills
  • Cordless Dremel clone with various tools
  • File
  • Sanding paper (various grain sizes)
  • Tin snips
  • Several pliers
  • Steel rule
  • Try square
  • Circle
  • Scissors
  • Squared timber (to bend the aluminium)
  • Clamps
  • Mini tubing cutter
  • Propyl alcohol (for cleaning)
  • Aluminium sheet, thickness 1 and 1.5 mm
  • M3/M2 screws and nuts, washers and snap rings
  • Ø 8 x 3 mm bearings (supplied usually with C-servo-brackets)
  • Common servo-C-bracket
  • Servo mounting bracket
  • Tiny casters for the pan unit
  • 2-component epoxy glue (for the eyes and holding the bearings in place)
  • Super glue (to fix components before drilling and secure nuts on moving connections)
  • Table tennis balls (for the eyes)
  • 1 Tower Pro SG-90
  • 2 Tower Pro SG-5010
  • 2 Tower Pro MG-995
  • Plastic tube, outer diameter equal to the pupils diameter
  • Ø 3 x 4 mm stainless steel tube
  • Color print/carton/transparent duct tape for the pupils
  • Plastic and metal spacers, various sizes

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Well done Markus. I will take this as an inspiration for one of my next projects also when I start to use the Aluminium I bought in taobao ;-)

Have a good holiday with your familiy.

Let me know if I can help you, bending the aluminium. Till now I found no good tutorial on the web. Maybe I''ll write a walkthrough later...

Ok, i will :-)

That's a good idea to write a tutorial since many of us will probably face some problems when processing Aluminium.

This stands out even if it's standalone. A sophisticated head concept that could be used for several projects. Thanks for sharing. Collected.

Thanks, NilsB. That was my intention :)


how is he going to "roam around"?

He'll get a 3 wheels base ;)

I like how friendly it looks. that will definately help your robot to interact with humans.