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Attiny-Duino or whatever?

Hi geeks ;-)

I am thinking about to shrink some of my projects. That's the deal. I am planning to build a Attiny-Duino.

What would you think about it's usage? For myself I would use it in the Insect bot to reduce the weight, costs and power comsumption.

UPDATE June 8 2012:

My first PCB since 1988 and I will call it AT-LUMI-TINY ;-) This board is still far from perfect (see the jumper wires) but it's my first 1-layer board created on the computer. 

It's 27mm x 27mm and contains 1x ISP port, 1x 6x3 header (two rows for the power supply one for the signal) for attaching servos, 1x LED on pin 0 and one port for the power. This will be improved later since the soccer board was etched tonight ;-) Happy drilling tomorrow...


As I already wrote, the PCB is far from perfect. There is a version 2 with separated I/O pin headers 2x(3x3) for better routing on the board. This reduced the size of the board to 25mmx25mm. Pictures will come later.


Birdmun did not let me rest ;-) I got the board even smaller (ok, I cheated with adding one jumper wire)

See picture.

and here in 3D

I am just trying how small is possible. This is not a competition but I have to say that birdmun gave me a hard time after releasing his  24.4 x 21.6 wonder :-) 

The board with that Attiny will be bigger in the final design since we need it also a bit handy and may add some more useful components. we are trageting a board with app. 30mm x 50mm.

If you get that one even smaller, then show it here ;-) but I doubt that it can be much smaller since the compoments set the minimum size. With all those standard 3x1 pin arrays I see no way to shrink it more.

Edit: As you can see in the comments birdmun found a error. That happens when you do things in a hurry ;-) I changed the resistor and doing this i was able to even shrink the board more. Now it's 20.3mm x 21.6mm.

On OddBot's request here is the schematic.

Click to enlarge the picture:

Schematics corrected!


UPDATE July 16:

Last night I etched the PCB for the first test. After drilling and soldering all the components I had a short circuit on the board which prevented the programming via ISP port but not the execution of the program when uploading it to the Attiny on the breadboard.

We tried the servos and got 3 of them working. However, the servo on Pin 3 was not moving at all. The connection from the Attiny is correct, power is there but no movement. I am not sure why but I guess it's something in the library and/or the programming. 

Also the timer is srewed up. A delay(1000) for example flashes the LED like delay(50) under normal conditions. But this can be adjusted in the programming. Tomorrow is the troubleshooting and debugging, if the PCB is ok then we are going to send the files to the factory. Pictures and short movie coming soon...


This is the PCB we etched and tested.As you see the size is bigger than before. The reason is not to build the smalles board (this we proofed in our little competition) but to build a board which is handy and can be used in different projects.

Circuit diagram (click the pic for big):

The LED on pin 0 is missing in the circuit plan since it was added directly in the BRD file.

I an still sure that we can improve a lot but that's it now. If we don't find something to improve or to change we will send the to the factory. Video is uploaded and ready to go. In the Video are just two servos connected since the USB does not power that much load. With the external power supply we attached 4 servos...but only 3 are moving for above mentioned yet unknown reasons.

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Well, that's bad but i am sure there is a solution for that. I did not check if it works yet but you made me thinking. I will check if I can get it to work as sonn as I have time... 

I suggest you re-build it more simple, just use a push button as a replacement for the analog sensor and then when it works a potentiometer.

Here's what I have.  Since I only want to make one I'm using a prefab board.  Upper left corner is a 7805 w/electrolytic cap for some reason, IC is AT Tiny 45/85.  There's a "programming rail" on the right and Digital 0,1 and 4 are coupled to power/gnd 3 pins. Everything else breaks out separately, but you're pushing I/O limts with this thing. Couldn't be simpler, though.

Not bad for an hour and a half.  I tried to work as clean as Dominic, but let's face it, that's a pretty high standard.  

ATTiny85 Arduino Compatable micro board

Anyway, I loaded a blink sketch and everything works on the ATTiny85 so far.  I have three 3-Pin sensors (2 sound and one IR) I want to be able to switch out for In and a pair of CR Servos for drive.  This will be my first real mini-bot.  You guys and your peer pressure... ;-)

That's not bad at all :-) Good luck with the mini-bot. do you already have something in mind?

Kind of. I want to sort of recreate my first robot kit from adolescence, but with a few improvements like differential drive, μControl and exchangeable or multiple sensors. Now all I have to do is find a little clear plastic hemisphere for the "skull.". If you see me buying panty hose, this might be the reason.

Ok cool ;-) can't wait to see it. Buying pantyhose...would it be your first time? LOL

"...would it be your first time?"

Well, no, but I have a good reason:


Did it take long to lay that out or have you done similar things before?

Thanks! I used to layout private label packaging for Walmart so using illustrator like that seems natural. Now to make it real...