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mobile webcam bot


This is not autonomous it is a remote mobile webcam that can be operated over the internet using wireless for tele conference. I used google talk so I could talk to my dog from work :)


 nylon cutting board


2 gear head motors


1 caster


1 rc car speed controller


1 eeepc with ubuntu installed via flash drive


1 servo controller http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1350


1 rc car nicad battery


2 rubber bouncing balls for wheels


2 servos


1 webcam


3 usb cables


not sure of cost since this is stuff i had laying around except for te servo controller


I X forwarded the the gui server controller for remote control and then just called the laptop with google talk no real code just a lazy hack :)

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I ordered a raspberry pi and plan to replace the laptop with that http://cdn2.ubergizmo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/raspberrypi-down.jpg I am a linux SA at work so $25 linux micro system as a robot brain is apealing to me.