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Little tank bot

object avoidance
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This is a variation of the first bot using a tank chassis 

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this is more or less a blatent rip off of the start here bot code with some very minor modification.

BTW I want to learn C for arduino does any body have this basic functionality in arduino C I could look at?



Symbol distance = 70 ' are we going to run into something?

symbol turn = 200 ' chassis turn duration

symbol servo_time = 200 ' how long for server to turn ir sensor


main: ' the main loop

readadc 0, b1 ' how far is the closest obstacle

if b1 < distance then

gosub allclear ' clear to move forward


gosub direction ' if obstacle ahead then decide which way is better

end if

goto main ' end loop


allclear:' both motors forward

high 4 : high 7 : low 5 : low 6




gosub totalhalt ' stop all motors


'look left

gosub lturn ' look to one side

pause servo_time ' wait for servo turn

readadc 0, b1

gosub totalhalt


'look right

gosub rturn 

pause servo_time ' wait for servo turn

readadc 0, b2

gosub totalhalt


' Decide which is the better way:

if b1<b2 then

gosub body_lturn


gosub body_rturn

end if




high 6 : low 5 : low 7 : high 4 ' right motor forward left motor backward

pause turn : gosub totalhalt




high 5 : low 6 : low 4 : high 7 ' left motor forward right back

pause turn : gosub totalhalt




servo 0, 100 ' turn servo right




servo 0, 200 ' turn servo left




low 4 : low 5 : low 6 : low 7 ' stop all motors

Servo 0,150 ' servo center

wait 1 ' wait 1 secd



Check out ignoblegnome's Penny 


Yep, more photos would be great.

I can't see how you've got a 4xAA holder and the motors under the Picaxe PCB.

Small, cute and compact! Like It! :)

I really like how compact the design is. Great job!


can you please post more pictures and circuit diagram of this project . if you have programing as well can you please post that aswell . i am want to make this project .

Nice !! :) Pleas post more photo.  Thanks :D

Thanks, posting more pics

I also moved the servo off the top of the chassis to the front so it can detect lower objects in its path