Let's Make Robots!

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vishurockssrivastava's picture

Just for such a clean build.....

anchux's picture

Looks really clean and slick, well done on your first robot :)

A good way to upgrade it, if you want to keep working on it - mount the distance sensor on a servo, so it can detect obstacles in a wide angle. With good programming you can get it to move around like a pro, smoothly curving it's way around any obstacle :)

Overall a good job, well documented too

Purple's picture

Thanks for your input - I did originally buy a servo and was planning to use it in the way that you suggested, but unfortunately I managed to fry it (don't know how!) and my budget wouldn't allow me to get a new one. I may try again in the future though.

robotmaster18's picture

what motors are they and what are there specs i got the exact ones but i dont know what company its from.

Purple's picture

I don't know the exact specs I'm afraid - they're just some cheap motors I found in my local hardware store.

TeleFox's picture

They look a lot like these gear motors from Dagu that they also sell to other stores outside China.

birdmun's picture

He has eschewed paint sticks/popsicle sticks for plexi. :) Recycling is good. And, yes, your robot looks pretty clean.

Purple's picture

Haha, thanks, but I'm not a 'he' ;-)

birdmun's picture

If you hadn't noticed this is a rather 'he' dominated hobby. :P

Welcome to the site.

**/me goes n sits n the corner quietly now.

TeleFox's picture

Congrats on your first bot Purple, and welcome to LMR =)

Blunt hacksaw or not, the end result looks very tidy, the plexiglass frame works out well for this bot.