Let's Make Robots!

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lumi's picture

Well, that's a nice project. Hope to see him walking or driving around soon ;-)


mlandergan's picture

I love the robot, great design and I really like how you made it web controlled very cool! keep up the good work!

Gunther's picture

Greetings. Sorry about this but the camera is actually served through the laptop. Its a USB camera and I use a free program called motion to capture still images from the camera and continuously overwrite the previous image. The laptop is configured as a web server and when you connect to the robot's wireless connection and then enter the IP adress of the server you can access the control interface. The control interface is basically a webpage with two iFrames. The first iframe is set up with a bit of javascript to give it a rapid refresh rate and it shows the current image that the camera is seeing so you essentially are viewing a live feed of the camera. The second I frame has control buttons which you can click to control the robot. I would love to get an IP camera (a camera with its own ethernet port and IP address that plugs directly into the router) but unfortunately I haven't been able to find quite the one that I want yet. I will tell you that my code is still a bit unstable and I am currently having problems with preventing the browser from caching the image in the iFrame. If you would still like me to upload the code as it is I will but otherwise I should be completed with my first version of the code two to four weeks from now. Once I have a stable working version I plan on making it easially available to everyone.

Aaronsuper1's picture

Hm, was hoping to find some info for Arduino + Webcam = Good Colour Recognition Sensor. And i'll be happy to wait for you to upload the code if you feel it's right. :)

Gunther's picture

OK, i'll try to notify you when its complete.

Aaronsuper1's picture

You sir, have put a lot of effort and money into this, i like it. This is one of the coolest big time robots i've seen here. Just asking, is 1 of the duinos handeling the camera, if it is, can i please have a look at your code for it? Thnx and good luck in finishing him!

Gunther's picture

Thanks so much!