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another 2odf bicore photohead

photo head
head-core-digi01.jpg64.68 KB
bicoredriver.jpg114.48 KB
1dof-simplehead-digi01.jpg269.24 KB
parts.jpg416.35 KB

hello,this is my recently built.it is beam head.i like beam bots,they are kind of arts. i have made a simple one and a classic 2dof head.

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Do you have any video of it in action?

it is no perfect,can not lock the light source.the 2dof will do lock the light,video soon.

A bad video is better than no video ;-) I know some people would disagree but not everybody has a HD cam ;-) 

Great, i think the LED light makes the "eyes" confused that the head is spinning left-right. 

Are those aluminium? Where do you source it from?

the pic is all structure parts.i use rivet,for titanic 100years,this is my first try on rivet building.

I like your creations \o/ What is this second motor doing, moving the head? Nice and clean build.

Please show us a video how it moves.

great! a tricore might be nice to make a humanoid! i've heard that mwt's nito(robosapien's prototype) started as a head.

"What's a robot going to do? Steal your Visa card and go to the local radio shack for a party?"


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