Let's Make Robots!

USB MIDI Sequencer, expand on my work and add music to your bots!

Makes music by sending MIDI data through usb to your computer

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sorry, ill post all the details after a presentation, and an interview. haha


oh well thanks :)

has this sequencer a regular MIDI output ,so i can send the data to a stand alone sound module?

can it do 16 or 32 instruments?

can i adjust the sound envelope ?

is there arpeggio or quantize control?

how do you wright the sequences ?

do you have a keyboard ?

can you store your sequences   ?

is it note on and note off data only or is there more to it ?

i have been look for a MIDI project but i have stand alone sound modules (groove box ,80's sinth , sampler ,bla bla ect ) so some detail would be awesome and make your post less lame :)


If I had to guess I'd say it was an eight note step sequencer that lets you control volume with one pot and pitch with the other, while the switches are note on/off (where off is a rest.). AmIclose?

excuse my rudeness thou 

i had half an idea about using the Wii cam as a 4 point X,Y pad for changing Note , Arpeggio. LFO, cutoff, resonance, Envelope,EFX. then have some person with 4 IR LEDs flop around in view of the Wii cam making DubStep (whatever) and an EL wire costume driven by the noise / music . meh it's half an idea  but i think i would need an artist to create this around 

hay still a cool project i,ed like to know more about :)

Nice picture, shame about the lack of....   everything else!

This uses Sharp IR?

If you want someone to expand on your work you probably should have added some more information than a single photo

Looks interesting! Love to see more details, especially a circuit diagram!

It might be a "Something Else" more than a robot, but more pics or a Sketch or video/audio file attachment would be cool.