Let's Make Robots!

my Robodunio

Means more only robots with Dagu-Magician chasses and Magician-Controler. I write with a Translator. I apologize faults. I have studied only the German language.

i have asuro, arexx-rover 5 -2WD and  Dagu-magician(this is test-robot)

With good greet Gerhard from Germany


my homepage & flash-galeries :



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that we will get an embedded video of this little guy in action?

Sorry, sorry, I have no experiences with video and also no camera for this. How can I send this to YouTube? I know not as ??

I not working YouTube...


I will try it ok?



Well Gerhard, everybody has the first start with English. I am sure you will just be fine here.

Are you coming to the Campus Party in Berlin (see start page)?

Seeing you homepage reminds me that I still have to find a project for my Rover 5 ;-)

Sächsische Grüße aus Shanghai.


I like to learn to build and to programme at this robot. I then like to use at robot with a little extended functions and to study further these cognitions.
This like mysteries is for me trigger, stay this large makes things with its hands of radio engineering and electronics has given up for physical reasons.
It is terrible if one can execute profession (and hobby) no more. My eyes and digits want so no more.
I has therefore I to the robot basts devoted himself with often prefabricated modules.



I am very unlucky/trouble with the Magician chasses, this one segment is plate for the speed of control unfortunately IR and light permeable.
I know not where I something like that what gets not any IR and light lets through and on the axis of the transmissions matches.

paint the plate with something that doesn't destroy plastic?

Thanks you, I will it try colours with Airbrush and Revell-Modell-Color once

Hello friends!

The construction of the Roboduino, will I comment on my Webseite : http :// robot.oderlachs.de/roboduino  now
Present am I at this the Kollosion -- keyboards (Bumper) in the software  evaluate.

I write PC by means of Translator English  Excuse the faults

Yours sincerely


I can not Arduino Bootloader for AtMega328 (arduino-uno)  flashing of chip µC. The µC AtMega328 is for Magician Control Board.

Help me please....



So you replaced the original ATmega8 with an ATmega328? You will need an ISP Programmer to program the bootloader. If you own an Arduino board you can use it as an ISP programmer.

Grüße aus Berlin