Let's Make Robots!

TG1 "Tully"

Object Avoidance, Video Transmission

This has been long time coming because I have so little time to work on this hobby, but here it is. Not very elegant, but it's been a fun learning experience. I took a cheap remote control car I picked up at garage sale and hacked into to to turn it into a robot. Easier process than I thought it would be once I found the datasheet on the reciever chip in the car.  The initial version of the robot is built and I'm about to start the coding for it. At this stage it will avoid abjects and send video of it's perspective of the world to a laptop. Future upgrades will be a smiling/frowning LED mouth and an LCD screen. I'd like the LCD screen to show the distances the SR04 is measuring and show the resulting decisions the code is making and the actions it takes (turn, go straight, etc). I want to position the LCD on the body such that it can be read on the video. I've built a serial 16x2LCD, but want to get the base concept of the robot working before I integratd it in....But I get ahead of myself.

TG1 is named after Tully Gunther, a character in one of my favorite books of all time - "The Last Legends of Earth" by A. A. Attanasio. If you know what happened to him you can conclude the eary parallel of to that of a poor litte remote control car having it's brain (the reciever chip) hacked into and commanded by an alien entity (the picaxe).

As soon as I figure out how to get the Insert/Edit Image window to work for me I'll post more pictures. For now I get a beep when when I click on browse button  and nothing happens. I experimented with turning off popup blocker, lowering security settings, etc but nothing has worked yet. Any body else seen that?