Let's Make Robots!

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This looks very sturdy.

Could you post photos of the coupling and support of the wheels?



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I too would like to see detail of wheel support & motor coupling.

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A) I am with you on the wheel/axel connection. I was a bit concerned about it myself.

B) I want to change my nick to procrastination2 :D It would be so much more fitting for me than my current nick.

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Nice build. :)

This h-bridge matrix may be something to look at down the road. The SINGLE CHIP N-CHANNEL FET BRIDGE is the only option that looks like it could handle your current motors based on voltage and current.

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Ah, the husband/ wife robot videos... You know, it just so happens that I know a little something on the subject...



Beyond that, its nice to see you have relays clicking away. --And quiet too! I could hear very light footsteps but not a single bit of motor noise until you got right in there. Well done.

And remember, if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.