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programming for mecanum drive based robot

I am currently working on the programming for a robot that i have already built which will be using a mecaunum wheel based drive. I am rather noobish as far as the programming goes and need any help that i can get. I am trying to figure out how to program the robot to use te mecanum wheels for different movements such as going staright left or straight right. I am currently only setting up the robot to perform a routine predetermined in the programming. My current program will be included
mecanum.txt1.41 KB

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You will need to be able to move all 4 motors individually. You only allow for left or right control. To strafe right you will need to rotate the front and rear sets as opposed to the left and right sets. Once you move beyond forward/backward, left/right, strafe left/right, you will need to still be able to control each motor individually instead of in pairs.

connect the motors to batteries instead of a microcontroller and experiment.