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I live in India and I'd not suggest anyone to buy anything from hobby2go except the lmr start here robot bundle. That shop charges to much money in comparison to other shops.

i too like to suggest not to buy any thing from hobby2go.if u want to buy the picaxe than this is also site RydhoLabs.and if you any DAGU products than see here vegarobotkit.and if you want something for free shipping for adruino than Explore labs.

Sorry for double comment. :|

I know that Hobby2Go charges more for certain things but I just suggested it in case anyone requires some smalelectrical equipments such as LEDs,transistors, resistors, etc.... Cause I've not been able to find one myself.

This might not be a solution for all of you, but it definitely is an Indian Roboshop and it's prices are not sky high as well- www.thinnkware.com (robo niche tab is the shop). Just take a look at this page and you'll know what I mean- http://www.thinnkware.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=44