Let's Make Robots!

MFRMWAA (My First Robot Made With An Arduino)

Put simply it avoids walls


This is my first arduino robot which was made by help with many people on LMR and its my first robot which is not copied and by copied i mean it was not made by directions on instructables or something. The arduino board is actually a clone but works the same.  And the Motors are some mysterious unknown geared motors which are driven by a L293D motor driver.Hope you guys like it









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That is one sleek bot, dude. The rubber bands are a good idea for traction. If you could upload the Arduino code file here, i could do some improvements in your code, that should make it more efficient, if you have the time, that is. Once again, sweet bot!

Nice, but it needs a longer name/acronym ;-p ;-)

Great seeing old CD's put to good use. Keep up the good work!