Let's Make Robots!

CanBot circa mid 1980's My first robot attempt.

very little

For historic accuracy this is I my first attempt at building a robot. It's an upside down waste basket with a Big Trak motor assembly attached to the lid. Never completed, I couldn't get enough range from the dual IR "eyes" driven by 555 timer. Reed switch activated Big Trak drive motors from surplus. Dual micro-switches with spring loaded aluminum bar bumpswitch for low obstacle detection or failure of IR "eyes". Built in mid-80's while attending Community College for Industrial Electronics.

Inside CanBot12v SLA removed


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you should totally build it up and get it functional. :D

It looks like a scrapper. :)

It would take me forever to figure out/remember the circuits I built. That was the old days when you breadboard/test/perf board with point-to-point or wirewrap, now you just buy the boards, connect and program. Actually I have a Hero Jr., Omnibot, Omnibot 2000 and complete RAD 1.0 to upgrade.

wow! this is awesome, i like vintage robots!!!

Are all these chips on the board on the second picture logic gates / simple logic chips? If so then that's awesome :D

7404 inverters, nand gates, etc. The stone age of digital electronics.

[old man voice]You young kids got it easy these days.[/old man voice]


This is nice. Remind me on a kind of 'microcontroller' I built in the 80s, only containing around 50 logic ICs, a clock quartz crystal and a couple of transistors, other discret components and many dip switches. The 'program' was written by moving the dip switches in according positions. The 'microcontroller' was able to do 4 bit summation/subtraction and perform simultaneously tasks in 10  different programmable time values in a loop.

Built this when I attended a Data Processing Repair class at Brick Computer Science Institute in NJ late 70's I think. Assembly language is a b!tch.