Let's Make Robots!

CanBot circa mid 1980's My first robot attempt.

very little

For historic accuracy this is I my first attempt at building a robot. It's an upside down waste basket with a Big Trak motor assembly attached to the lid. Never completed, I couldn't get enough range from the dual IR "eyes" driven by 555 timer. Reed switch activated Big Trak drive motors from surplus. Dual micro-switches with spring loaded aluminum bar bumpswitch for low obstacle detection or failure of IR "eyes". Built in mid-80's while attending Community College for Industrial Electronics.

Inside CanBot12v SLA removed


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Wow!  Nice work.  Even the ones you never feel are finished are important to the processs, right?  It has character.  I second Bird's motion-give it modern brains or the ones you intended to from the start, but give it life.  Was it all wire-wrapped?  I played with that as a teen (because soldering was-and still is to an extent-a real challenge for me.)  I'd love to hear your evaluation of that technique for use in mobile platforms.

Smaller boards I just solder point-to-point but the larger more complex ones I wirewrap. I had just started etching my own boards when I got sidetracked into the personal computer world. I took classes for Industrial Electronics (wanted to work in Factory Automation) but had a motorcycle accident and missed a semester. During that time they changed the electronics degree program to Bio-Medical, Communications or Computer Electronics so I went with computers since I was doing similar where I was working. Electronics projects got dropped and I started building PC's.

Now I'm getting back into robotics, for fun (and maybe someday profit).


you should totally build it up and get it functional. :D

It looks like a scrapper. :)