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IP controlled bot

So after lurking for awhile I decided to actually contribute something and maybe get some feedback on my latest bot.

At the moment I am mostly finished with the build and will be moving onto the programming. This will just be something simple that will allow me to see what the camera can see and let me move it around the house while I sit at the computer and if possible I might make a simple android app to do the same.

The IP camera and WAP have both been tested together but were only tested with external power supplies. I'm a little apprehensive about hooking them up to to batteries. I think that I have it all figured out and there is not much more I can do to be sure so I should just do it and hope but still.

My only problem so far is that the motors probably won't move the bot as it seems to be quite heavy, the four SLA batteries ended up weighing alot.

Also the camera's fov seems a little limited. It doesn't show if there is anything close that I should avoid so I will have to plan ahead.

In the Additional Information box I put 4 hours as that was the time I spent putting the bot together. The time spent planning and gathering everything together was far, far longer.

Tell me what you think, especially if you see something that I have overlooked as I am already planning something bigger and would like to learn as much as possible before I start building. Thanks

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I am interested in this sort of robot and then doing image understanding stuff with OpenCv... when you get it all up and running could you upload the video output somewhere (ie the video you get from the onboard camera)? I would be interested in just starting to process it see what is practical

Sure, I'll keep this in mind and upload something. I don't think I can get the raw video from the bot but I should be able to do a screen capture of the interface. If I can get the raw video I will upload that.

That's a really nice build; clean and organized.

It seems like you have a fairly robust budget for the project, so you might want to look at other battery chemistries.  You can do a lot better than SLA these days by almost any metric (except price), and it won't be too terribly expensive at this scale.

Again, great looking build!  I'd love to see some video of it driving around.

Thanks, the batteries are already in so for now I will leave them but next time I will think about other options. As for video when I get the programming done I'll update the project with something.

What is the manufacturer and model of your wireless router?

I like the size and design of it. Maybe I will use one for my next robot project...

It's the D-Link DAP-1155 but it's not a router but a bridge, this just allows anything connected to it to appear on your local network.

about what would cause the need for 4 SLA batteries. I can't imagine the current demands of the associated components is anywhere near the amount that can be supplied by 4 batteries.

The IP camera and WAP are going to be run off of the batteries. I just made sure that the batteries can supply what the power packs can supply, it might be slight overkill but i've just tried it on carpet and it drives fine. This is still without the camera and wap connected though. 

Planning on controlling it remotely over the Internet to catch/scare burglars while you're away?

Only over my local network as internet access would be more difficult. I'd like to add internet access to future projects.