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tracked robot

We are building a tracked robot based on the dagu rover 5, With as brains the BASIC STAMP 2.

We need some help with the command lines to get the thing moving.

We have tried several commands like pulsout pwm, But due to a faulty driver board got three channels running fourth channel the board started smoking got repleasement board in now, But are very hessitant to start testing again with more smoke.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Joep and Jean

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A BS2 is kind of under powered for driving a Rover 5. I don't think the BS2 can send two direrent PWM signals at the same time. The BS2 pretty much only does one thing at a time.

You could use a Propeller as a slave to the BS2 and have the Propeller take care of the motor control for you. There's more information about using a Propeller as a slave to control the Rover 5 over on the Parallax forum. 

FYI Do not disconnect the 5V logic terminals while you still have the battery connected to the power terminals. This will destroy the Dagu 4 channel motor controller. And that's probably what happened?

So what you say : the battery suply to the motors has t go last on, and first of, any other way the 4ch motordriver will fry? We have the 5V logic terminal connected to vdd/vss terminal of the basic stamps board of education, when we want to change something to that boards layout we switch the board of which means : there's no power on the driver"s 5V logic, but the battery pack is still connected, and from your explanation that's what caused the problem? Which actually means that in a runnin fully constructed robot when power supply of basic stamp, would run empy, before motors power supply, the driver will be ruined? Regards Jean

You could start with giving some more details about how you have connected everything and which "driver board" you are using... I don't think you killed your board by bad code.

Sorry it took a while, we are using the dagu 4ch motor driver To make things more clear i will make a drawwing of the wiring, and try to explain what happened. Hope to get that done this afternoon, depending on my energy level. Thanks in advance fo any help, we are complete beginners. Regards jean