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Just for Fun (Dutch jackets and snazzy cases)

Like I said, just for fun...


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that case looks sweet! it's hard to get something like that elsewhere, i even need to buy a tin box of chocolates to get one.......and that jacket looks awesome!! you looked like a crazed fireman!!!

I really didn't see this conversation going this way, but I like it.

It did not work that well for the dutch team :-)

Well, I am not a football fan but it's all over the news that we beat them in a final battle  \o/ As always, there will be another chance to test who is the better

Wahahaha you look awesome in that jacket Chris! Where did you say you got it from?! A friend of me works for Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch authority taking care of infrastructures and waterways). Go chear for our national soccer team wearing that! Then I'm sure we will defeat our arch enemy: the Germans. The kick-off will be in 15 minutes or so. Cheers from Holland! Jos

Nice, jacket Chris. And..thats all i gotta say. :P