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My new mouse robot 0.2

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mogul's picture

Fast and simple. Good start!

But your living room, that whats in every robot builders dreams! HUGE, smooth floor end with perfect colored lines.. Fantastic.

I say, go and enhance your speedy mouse with some line following capabilities.

caleb's picture

sorry we do not own that but it's really fun to run the robot there!

SimpleBotics's picture

thats awesome! welcome to LMR

David C.'s picture

if it drives, than it does something.

vishurockssrivastava's picture

Welcome to LMR!! Nice job on your mouse...

MetalmonkeeLad's picture

cool mouse! welcome to LMR!

btw, is it a phototrophic like the original mousebot?

caleb's picture


Currently no, but that is my goal. :)  Need to go to radio shack and look for some photo cells.