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Where's the Love for K-9?

Maybe I'm not searching right, but I haven't found any builds for a Dr. Who K-9 on LMR. Has anyone done one? The problem with that kind of project is that it is a personality build that is almost simple enough to do dead on now with a micro controller, but only "almost.". Any thoughts or insights on this before I start off on a wild dog chase?

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Although I haven't foundone on LMR, I have seen one on youtube.. 




It's basically a tamiya tracked chassis with a shell like K-9, and some other cool things.. He also has a dalek robot, walle robot, etc.

The personality and the laser! (That's a major hurdle to something like this though: functionally. K-9's function was a rolling Wikipedia with a weapon on his nose.)

Most tv/movie robots throughout history fall into your description though, Oddbot-if they weren't in fact just humans in costumes made of ductwork, dustbins and tricycles (and how many R2 tributes have we seen that are RC when the original featured a midget for guts?) K-9 at least had real motors. If we have to consider those karate fighting humanoids on RC waves robots, then so too the tv show prop-but I'm talking about autonomous builds, of course.

I admit, a desktop K-9 with a laser in his nose would be cool.

Perhaps CTC should produce a K-9 kit using his Wii camera and the laser for a cool range finder?


The problem with K9 is he was nothing more than a cardboard box on an RC car with flashing lights for eyes.


and thick photopaper tooo ..... K-9 <dare you to press here .... a very nice guy ran a competition once.... :-)

Wow, I had forgotten a lot of that. Those were the good old days when I made robots for fun. Now I spend too much time making stuff for other people and providing product support :(