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MakerFaire Workshop Bot - Prototype

Prototype for the LMR Robot Building Workshop at MakerFaire
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Update: 2012-09-07: Chris the Carpenter has his prototype all done. 





This is a prototype for the Robot Building Workshop Chris the Carpenter and I are going to run at MakerFaire 2012 NYC.

This early prototype is just a couple of 2 in. x 3 1/4 in. plexiglass pieces. Chris is working on the design for the chassis. In the meantime, this will let me experiment with some code.


The dimensions were choosen to get the wheels on about 3 1/4 in. center, which is the same as the length front to back. 

I drilled some holes in the top deck to run wires.


The wheels are bottle caps, which I drilled and attached with #2 sheet metal screws and lock washers.



Two front mounted bumper switches let the robot know if it has hit anything. Note that the bumpers extend to be even with the outer edges of the wheels. I used this tip so that I could use separate digital inputs for each switch.


We probably won't bother with this for MakerFaire, but I included a remote switch to select between 'run' and 'program' on the AXE023 board. It's a pain to move the little jumper.

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good job, I am looking for some materials for my car's wheel~~

  • Bottle caps
  • Plastic/wood/whatever cut with a hole saw (e.g., plastic cutting board)
  • Wheels from a toy car
  • CDs or DVD (might be too big for this project)
  • Thick cardboard, foamboard, etc.
  • Use rubber bands for traction if the material is too smooth
  • Use built-up layers of hot glue to for traction or to make a wheel have a larger diameter

OK. I linked my Maker Faire promo video, which includes some footage of this little guy in action. Sorry to make you sit through the commercial as well.

I'll be at the faire on Sunday all day. Can't wait to meet you guys in person. Are dogs allowed? Seems I have seen them in videos.

Great to read that the LMR US Division meets up in New York. It's nice to know the person behind the username.

Cool, see you there. I think dogs are OK, but check the Maker Faire site to be sure.

I should be able to hang around the table a bit longer this year then last year.  Maybe even help a little if you need it or bring a bot or 2...  I'm working on one now that sould be done by the faire. 

Great project by the way.  Looks great.

Hey, looking forward to seeing you again. I hope you can hang for a while. We will definitely need some help.

Also, I haven't forgotten that I owe you an LMR MakerFaire t-shirt. I didn't want to send you just the iron-on, because they were so challenging to put on without making a mistake. I'll bring the iron-ons to the event and you can take on or two if you want them. 

Also, we will definitely have finished shirts for the volunteers who can stick around and help with with running our table. 

Wow, do you mind when I steal your design to have it in a workshop in Berlin as well? I would just use other (smaller) motors.