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Cheap Sound Module

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I just got one of these. It seems to work great, but it will need some kind of amp. Its in mono as well, but hey --its 8 bucks.

Here is where I got mine, there are some links to test code.

The module is a rip-off of one from 4D systems, they have the software you need to convert your files.


Thanks CTC :)

http://www.mdfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=284 This module playbacks directly mp3 files in stereo. Without the need to convert. Seems to be sold out for this moment. Still needs an amp tough.. For an amp you can look arround for cheap USB powered speakers as they work on 5 volt just like the Arduino does.

Well I was doing some searching regarding the wtv020 and found this thread and upon realizing I'm probably have to deal with signal amplification to output proper sound through a speaker I've followed Dannyv suggestion of "look arround for cheap USB powered speakers as they work on 5 volt". Hopped into ebay and found this first:


My question:

Would this be an easy hackable thing to bring easy sound/signal amplification to a project?

I know very little about dealing with sound but reading "Digital Class-B power Amplifier inside" left me to wonder. If anyone with some more insight/knowledge can shed some light on the subject it would be nice :)


wtv020 offers a low cost high performance alternative to exp.ve wav sheilds costing 18 $ and more.

all the demo articles i found on the net seem to copy from each other, with 5 buttons mp3 player style, playing next , forward, backward...etc.

has anyone seen (or written) a diy project or code to have random access to wtv020 audio files ?