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ELECTRONICS LOGIC TEST — How do we light an LED?

Just a fun way to test yourself. This will help you know where you are lacking.

The idea is to match the statements with the appropriate drawing above. (Each drawing has a letter,)

1. Two zero pulses will make the LED light twice

2. Entering 0100 will turn the LED OFF.

3. LED will light when one and only one input is high OR one and only one low. [Added: By this I mean if one input is different from the other three.]

4. LED lights when count goes from 3 to 4.

5. This LED will never be ON.

6. If all inputs are high, LED will be OFF.

7. If all inputs are high, LED will be ON.

8. Entering 1011 will light LED

9. Any or All inputs high will turn on the LED

10. Two zero pulses makes the LED light once

11. Two inputs low switches OFF the LED

 ——Each question will have only one proper answer.

Answers have now been posted at: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/33088 but try not to look until you have an answer for all the parts.

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Dan you are a rock star!

Surely your comment is proof of your sense of humour and not your health!

BTW, this puzzle will be a test that I am nothing more than an ignorant amateur... but at least I´ll know!

Take care, Dan,


I love puzzles like this. I'll send my answers when I get to the workstation. Will this be on the final?
Hmmm, In our cases, the idea of a "Final Exam" may not be such a good idea...!(chuckles)
You know, on a metal table with a tag on my toe. Can't say I like that picture.
So this course will NOT have a final exam.
Later, Dan

Very very innovative test .

Very very innovative test .