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3 D printing

Hi all,

 Can anyone point me to some good 3d printing sites, places with lots of info about these machines and the software required. I am getting very interested in these machines.

Thanks for any help


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hi, i too have been looking for a start into 3d printing and i found this site which has a manual about the prusa mendel http://www.nextdayreprap.co.uk/prusa-mendel-kit/. they have some good adivce tips on maintanance

After watching from the sidelines for a while I finally made the decision to have a go at making a 3d printer myself. The final push came after I saw CtC's printrbot and the detail he went into about the construction. Thanks Chris.

I just assembled my ramps 1.3 board last night after the last components arrived from element14.
Geesh guys 4 deliveries for what 10 different items, tell me they're still making a profit after shipping?


Hi Merser which 3d printer are you building, a mendel, rostock, bumble bee or osmething else?

My inspiration is printrbot and specifically Chris's latest build. I'm thinking about changing to an x-y table though for my build.  Also the extruder I've ordered is probably better suited to only having z travel. Although I've not made any firm decision on that. I may have to try it one way before learning that it's better the other.

 I was just looking at tinheads bumblebee design again last night for more ideas and thought I could see some printrbot similarities.

I've got the majority of parts now, I'm just waiting on my arduino mega, extruder and some linear bearings. But I probably have enough to start experimenting with mechanical design. I'm thinking of knocking it up in wood first and then changing to aluminium.

I love the rostock idea and particularly this one. But I'll stick with this design for now.

... so ...

The Prusa is neat but hard to get all setup and going especially if this is your first voyage into 3d printing ... lots of variables there.

If you are a builder go for a Prusa, David aka FrnakNeon can help you out getting all stuff you need starting with printed parts, ending with electronics. He is a cool guy reach out to him.

The Prusa  .... willl complete later ...

Hi Tinhead found him right here on you prusa blog nice blog

Hi Tinhead,

 Is there an easier way to start perhaps the mendalmax?, would like to keep it fairly cheap $500-to a max of $700, $500 is much better.

 How do I find FrnakNeon, I googled him and it said nothing found and linked me to a bunch of Al Franken crap.


It's FrankNeon :)

he is a lmr member  a link is in birdmun's post below :D and his email is  grasshopperrocket@gmail.com (with owners permission)

It really depends on your budget, the max is pretty much like a mercedes prusa.

Hi Chris and Birdmun,

 I realy like the way you spread all this info out and about the web, hours and hours of searching for tons of conflicting and out dated info is my favorite thing, and has realy put to good use my few remaining brain cells.

 That beeing sais I like the Prusa and it seems like a good start I will watch ebay for a used one for a while and if nothing good and cheap comes along I will think about building one what would the cost to build one in todays dollars run $500.00 or so?

When I make some choices I will send you an email.

Thanks for the start


to a point. :) I will agree that for DIY 3d printer construction the Prusa Mendel is the most common, but, a printer like what TinHead has started/finished http://letsmakerobots.com/node/32879 would be easier to setup from a mechanical point of view, and, get you started. With it if you decided to go bigger, you could print a new printer and reuse the electronics to build a Prusa (still the best choice as a full on DIY printer). Ultimachine is probably the cheapest place from which to get standard colors of PLA. FrankNeon has a shop for 3d printer stuff, and, he has some more interesting colors of PLA.

There are 2 different sizes of filament; 3mm and 1.75mm. You can get your machine to print both, but, it isn't as easy as just swapping reels. I believe easiest would be making your extruder swappable and just assembling a second extruder including the hotend.

The upside to the printers is what the movers and shakers are convincing them to do. There are people pushing their printers to print circuits. And, there are others printing confections, mainly in chocolate. As I mentioned in the shout box, some are even pushing their machines to print nylon; not easy.

One more thing I will strongly second, get second and third opinions before jumping in on anything.