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Unknown Scart device

Hi LMRians. 
I need a little help identifying an unkown piece of tech.
If any of you know what this is i would be very appreciative. 
Scart USB 

Many Thanks
Tom J 

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Hi, Guys,
sorry I havent replied. had a bit of a bad time due to some unmentionable trying to half inch my laptop and smashing it.
as regards plugging the device in it does not register on the computer as anything and the TV cannot recognise it.



Err, some kind of audio/visual converter or something. What is the third connector? 

One is SCART one is USB, you didn't provide a good pic of the third one. Also, is there any text on it? 

was a mini(?) USB plug.

and see what usb id it has ... then look it up.

That looks gosh darn close to the connector that is used to read the codes on a car. Look under your dashboard on the drivers side and see if there is somewhere you can stick it.

Those are all trapezoidal.

some form of USB / SCART adaptor.