Let's Make Robots!

a shadow runner which follows light using a photoresistor and a small transistor.

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piyush madan's picture

ya i sure would answer all your questions


Gunther's picture

Looks to me like the beginnings of a photoroller, a solar dragracer robot! All you need now is the photo voltaic cell!

ignoblegnome's picture

I believe he is trying to make this, only without the breadboard.

ignoblegnome's picture

Hey, that's great!

I also would love to see better pics and videos. Let us know if it is working OK.

piyush madan's picture

sure i would


MetalmonkeeLad's picture

this looks awesome, but we need more info and pictures!!!

birdmun's picture

It looks like your balloon necks are not staying on your bearings very well though. :)

vishurockssrivastava's picture

It looks nice for a first attempt. Please add a video of it in action and a clearer picture will also be appreciated.

piyush madan's picture

ya sure


piyush madan's picture

my first atempt