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fritzing my picaxe (sounds almost rude)

hi peeps

i've just been pointed toward the fritzing program for drawing my circuit diagrams in the future (thanks btw) but despite the fact that it seems to have every arduino board or picaxe chip under the sun i cant for the life of me find the picaxe28x1 board anywhere - it seems odd that such a popular board was never included - am i looking in the wrong places or has it simply never been made?

thanks for your help


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Well I only did some light research, as I'm still not enough "emotionally envolved" w/ Fritzing but:


Also here seems to be a sort of repo for user made parts:


I would have prefer a nicer, prettier (UI-full/API-full) regarding usability repo, but then again for such a thing to happen the project has to lure enough interestees wanting to contribute so that it can reach critical mass. Alas, to my regret, at this point I cannot be a very helpful minion :/

been there, done that - its a very good place for finding the ultrasonic sensors tho

I actually notice that there was an HC-SR04 submitted part there... but after I've improvise on my schema, but I won't be needing that for a while now. My latest accomplishments have been the... lack of thereof, plus 3 burned out I/O pins, plus countless hours of yielding... nothing :P

Here's an SVG to start with.  I'm not at all sure about PicAxe Project board dimensions so it may need resizing but this is what you'll need to Fritz it.  


that is spot on - thank you - where on earth did you find it?

(btw - for others - save the web page as an svg - its the only way fritzing will accept it - then use the editor it warns you about to create the pic) - open source software can be a bit touchy at times



I took part of the PDF that Bird found into Illustrator and did a little editing of one of the images.  Was it accurate size and were you able to add the connections using it?

i only really need it for drawing circuit diagrams for this place (and perhaps myself as i get more complicated) so its definitly accurate enough. as for connecting wires - they can be left hovering over it for now - no one will know the difference - i may work on improving it in the future but im very aware i keep finding excuses not to do my robots programming... so that'll have to wait.



does anyone have a picture i can use to create a diagram? i dont mean an actual picture - a diagramatical picture...

but having produced several versions from that very sheet - i was looking more for the circuit board pattern