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fritzing my picaxe (sounds almost rude)

hi peeps

i've just been pointed toward the fritzing program for drawing my circuit diagrams in the future (thanks btw) but despite the fact that it seems to have every arduino board or picaxe chip under the sun i cant for the life of me find the picaxe28x1 board anywhere - it seems odd that such a popular board was never included - am i looking in the wrong places or has it simply never been made?

thanks for your help


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i take it thats a no then....

See here. Is this what you miss?


a quick search seems to make me believe that you can at least download it from http://code.google.com/p/fritzing/source/browse/trunk/fritzing/parts/core/PICAXE_28X1.fzp?spec=svn4280&r=4280 or there abouts. Even a simple copy/paste, if no download option is available.

DOH! That is just the chip. Can you put a circuit together and then use that circuit in other circuits? If so, you could draw up a 28x1 board, save it, and then just load it into your editor when you wanted to use it.

There's probably one available, it's just not included in the native bins. It's not that hard to make your own parts if you have Illustrator or Fireworks. I was surprised that most relays weren't in the bins. I had do do my own DPDTs for one project. I think I still ended up editing it in Photoshop.