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Board Cleaner Robot

it erases any kind of board

Hello everybody! I'm new here and I would like to share a project I am working in with some partners in university. It is a board cleaner robot. It is made with Lego Mindstorms 2.0. This robot has two important parts:

- A car with 4 wheels, which moves all along the board it has to clean

- An arm that has two movements: up and down and forward - backward

Finally the robot is finished, I hope you enjoy the videos. Thanks for your patience.

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Cool! :D


That is going to be a fun project, looking forward to see that!! And I am sure after a while you will have to try to put a pen in the hand of the robot and make it draw as well ;)

/ Fritsl

Yes! Why not? It's basically a big X-Y plotter! Excellent idea. 

God created the integers; all else is the work of man - Leopold Kronecker

It is supposed to clean any type of board. I mean, it will have an accesory in which we can attach a towel (or similar, to clean market boards) or a eraser (to clean blackboards). But we haven't designed this accesory yet. I hope on friday I can upload some images and videos of the robot for you to have an idea on how it works. 

Lego robots aren't pre-engineered! I would say they're "pre-machined" as you don't have to manufacture parts, but buolgin interesting Lego robots definiretly requires engineering. 

God created the integers; all else is the work of man - Leopold Kronecker

All buolgin does!

/ Fritsl

That's cool, one thing I really wanted to make was a robot that would wander around all day, maybe using light sensors to follow the sun, and just set it down on a big piece of paper with a pen strapped to it, to get a map of its wanderings.

Does your robot operate vertically on an upright board? When you say 'board', I'm imagining a blackboard or a markerboard, is that what you mean? Or some other kind?


Yes, It is supposed to clean a blackboard, or any kind of board that may be in a school, so it will work vertically. Today we have put together the two parts of the robot and it really looks very nice. I think it will work quite good, I hope on friday I can upload some pictures or small videos of it. That way you could see it really works vertically, at least for now.
Interesting, I'm curious to see how that works.
as you can see finally i've managed to add a photograph and a video of the robot. Here it doesn't work as it should, but I'll upload more videos when our robot is finished. Thanks for your patience, it's taken so long to update these image and video because we had some trouble during the building process of the robot, but finally we succeeded and by now it is almost finished (only some details are missing).
finally it is finished, I've uploaded a new video where you can see how it works. We have added a light sensor to detect the end of the board and return to the beginning.