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Car Stereo IR remotes

I have my picaxe 08m2 reading a TV remote, but a TV remote seems like massive over kill to control a simple robot. I tried using the remote from my Pioneer car stereo, but it isn't recognized. Is this because it has a different protocol? How can I make this work?

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The "standard" and the one that Picaxe uses, is "Sony IR Protocol". In terms of picaxe specifically, it is the only thing that works. There is good news however, you are talking to an ex-car-stereo-guy.

I have used the remote from my car stereo (credit-card style remote) and it works just fine. I am using a Sony RM-X304 remote. It is actually set up pretty well, 4 "arrow" keys, 6 "regular" buttons, and a bunch of other stuff. Heck, it is even labeled "mode" and "sel". A great little remote.

"RM-X304" brings it up on Ebay, it is less than 10 bucks. Here is one picked at random:


Option 2 is to build yourself a tiny little remote with a 08m2 and an altoids tin.

Word up.

Thanks, now I understand a bit better.


I have found that my picaxe doen't recognize the remote. I believe it it because it is used for a stereo and not a TV. The device code that is sent by the remote is different, so the picaxe doesn't recognize it.