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Free Motor (Driver Kit)

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Nice find, Lumi.

I got mine too!

I did not find it.

The credits should go to a friend in our hackerspace who shot the email ;-) But I thought you could need one for Walter, so i posted it here.

I went to the link, saw a free bad-ass motor and got one. I swear, I was there for 10 minutes trying to find a link to a datasheet or specs of any kind, couldn't find anything. Maybe it was right there and I just didn't see it.

All I know, is that I saw "electric bike", "lightweight electric vehicle", and "100v"...   ...Good enough for me.

Cool. Even free shipping. Ordered one.

If I'm reading this right, the order includes a microcontroller and drivers for the motor too.

If a bunch of LMRians get this package, we could have a challenge to see who comes up with the best motor driver solution.

We can have another challenge- one where we can have people competing for the best use of that motor. A bunch if lmrians have ordered it, me included. Just hope they ship it.

I sure hope that uC comes all attached to something... It looks like it is one of those silly chips that uses those teeny-tiny ball-bearings as pins. I dunno, I just sorta glanced at the info --maybe it was just a "regular" chip with "undermount" pins. All I can say is I would be very happy if I end up with a big ol' motor, simple make-it-just-go driver that I can make a go cart out of.

Umm...   I don't think we are getting motors, guys....

I just re-read the post, trying to find some specs and, as far as I can tell, it is the drive system kit that we are getting, not the motor. I really hope someone corrects me on this one though.

I read and re-read it hoping i wasn't wrong, but i couldn't find one hint of it including the motor, only the driver, 100V mosfet driver and the isolation amp. I just hope it comes with one. Would be real great if i could make my own scooter. :)

My local FedEx P/O has picked it up, i've tracked it using the tracking numbuh provided. It seems the entire package weighs 300grams. That doesn't sound good. Well, there still a small chance of hope..