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Free Motor (Driver Kit)

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It's just shipped by today and will arrive withing 5 days they said. Most certainly there is no motor included since the package weights only 0.3kg. But yeah, we will post pictures ;-)

I don't have a website, won't let me order one. So, is a motor included? I've been trying to get the money together to build an electric bike. Already have a stripped down Honda Rebel, waiting on a motor.

Just try to put "no website" into the field ;-)

About the motor...we are not sure since Fedex shipping information says 0.3kg

well, I am sorry but you guys might be right. I read it again too but it seems there is no motor included. However, the driver kit should be interesting too.

Umm...   I don't think we are getting motors, guys....

I just re-read the post, trying to find some specs and, as far as I can tell, it is the drive system kit that we are getting, not the motor. I really hope someone corrects me on this one though.

I thought it a bit unusual for a semi maker to be giving away motors. Unless you get the motor and drive together but that would be overly generous when such offers usually cost in the hundreds of dollars upwards.

I read and re-read it hoping i wasn't wrong, but i couldn't find one hint of it including the motor, only the driver, 100V mosfet driver and the isolation amp. I just hope it comes with one. Would be real great if i could make my own scooter. :)

My local FedEx P/O has picked it up, i've tracked it using the tracking numbuh provided. It seems the entire package weighs 300grams. That doesn't sound good. Well, there still a small chance of hope..

I sure hope that uC comes all attached to something... It looks like it is one of those silly chips that uses those teeny-tiny ball-bearings as pins. I dunno, I just sorta glanced at the info --maybe it was just a "regular" chip with "undermount" pins. All I can say is I would be very happy if I end up with a big ol' motor, simple make-it-just-go driver that I can make a go cart out of.

Cool. Even free shipping. Ordered one.