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Free Motor (Driver Kit)

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I thought it a bit unusual for a semi maker to be giving away motors. Unless you get the motor and drive together but that would be overly generous when such offers usually cost in the hundreds of dollars upwards.

well, I am sorry but you guys might be right. I read it again too but it seems there is no motor included. However, the driver kit should be interesting too.

I don't have a website, won't let me order one. So, is a motor included? I've been trying to get the money together to build an electric bike. Already have a stripped down Honda Rebel, waiting on a motor.

Just try to put "no website" into the field ;-)

About the motor...we are not sure since Fedex shipping information says 0.3kg

If you do, then please post pics of it here do that others can understand what they are shipping. I had planned to use that motor for lunabotics mining competition. Damn them if it doesn't contain the motor

It's just shipped by today and will arrive withing 5 days they said. Most certainly there is no motor included since the package weights only 0.3kg. But yeah, we will post pictures ;-)

Devices included in this sample kit:

LM5101B – 100V MOSFET Driver

LM3S8971 - Stellaris® Integrated Motor Control/Driver

AMC1200 – Isolation Amplifier

That's what it said on that site....


ordered one and it's in shipped status via fedex, waiting for 3 days :D

I don't think it include the motor either but a 100V motor driver for $0.00 is not bad at all.

Remember when we used to order stuff from the back of the cereal box or the back pages of a comic book? Remember when that item showed up and it was nothing like you were expecting (smaller, far less cool)?

Well, here you go...