Let's Make Robots!

Free Motor (Driver Kit)

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LOL!! Your video got me really LOL! Yeap! I got the same thing too. Was expecting a board or something and it was coming with big box inside of a small box within 2 thick sponges. Hell yeah, $0.00! what do you expect? That's was funny thou.

Now we have some chips to bang together and make fire. :D I could hopefully find a way to use the isolation amplifier, to me, the rest is just junk. 

Yep, that's something we should know...there is nothing (or at least not much) free :-)

Anyway, i hope somebody can make use of the components. My package is already waiting in the Fedex station in Shanghai.

And the first thing my mom said was- "You made us drive 10 km for this..."

....LAWL. So, what are we all planning to do with these. I have an idea in mind... we'll make another blog and post a video or some pictures of what we did to them, funny or real purpose.