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Parker1 WiFi / 4G Mobile Robot








Parker1 is a low-cost WiFi / 4G mobile robot with vision ability. It runs with two popular open source software, Arduino compatible code for easy robot programming, and OpenWrt router OS for a variety of connectivity over WiFi, 4G etc.

Let the users get playing on Parker1 with a browser device on hand. Parker1 is preloaded with a basic, in full-function codes. And the source codes would be open on internet, hopefully turns into a community-based support system. So everyone can customize own Parker1 in software side, or even on the ATMEGA328 IO pinout header on board.

Key Features

  • Atheros AR7240 running OpenWrt with WiFi / 4G connectivity support
  • Atmel ATMEGA328 running Arduino compatible codes
  • Standard USB webcam module for MJPEG capture, and streaming over network by mjpg-streamer plug-in in OpenWrt
  • 2-wheels system plus one servo for tilting, provides all axes of robot and webcam motions
  • Various on-board USB peripheral options (via a USB hub to AR7240)
    • Webcam
    • ATMEGA328 serial port via FTDI FT2332RL
    • micro-SD reader (port sharing with ATMEGA328)
    • USB audio
    • 3G / 4G USB dongle


Thanks for your interest.


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A friend of mine had bought 1 of the 2 of these robots that got sold through the indiegogo campaign.
I am trying to locate as many info as I can, but I can find none.

Does anybody know anything about it?