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Parker1 WiFi / 4G Mobile Robot

Parker1 is a low-cost WiFi / 4G mobile robot with vision ability. It runs with two popular open source software, Arduino compatible code for easy robot programming, and OpenWrt router OS for a variety of connectivity over WiFi, 4G etc. Let the users get playing on Parker1 with a browser device on hand. Parker1 is preloaded with a basic, in full-function codes. And the source codes would be open on internet, hopefully turns into a community-based support system. So everyone can customize own Parker1 in software side, or even on the ATMEGA328 IO pinout header on board.

Key Features

■Atheros AR7240 running OpenWrt with WiFi / 4G connectivity support

■Atmel ATMEGA328 running Arduino compatible codes

■Standard USB webcam module for MJPEG capture, and streaming over network by mjpg-streamer plug-in in OpenWrt

■2-wheels system plus one servo for tilting, provides all axes of robot and webcam motions

How to Command Parker1 on Play?

The motion control of Parker1 is quite simple. The user opens a browser window and issues the motion control commands (in ASCII char format) to Parker1 via cgi-script. Then OpenWrt passes it as serial data to ATMEGE328, which runs an Arduino serial monitor and executes the motions accordingly.

As the Arduino lovers, you can just focus on Arduino coding upon the commands received from the serial monitor. And it is possible to add-on extra sensors / circuits with the ATMEGA328 IO pinout header on board. The data pass-over by OpenWrt is transparent to you, the preloaded firmware already take care of it. The video streaming is enabled at boot tme, just let the users get started with no plain!

If you are familiar with OpenWrt, Parker1 gives you the freedom in network and webcam config customization.


More information on http://www.pgtechworks.com/parker1/

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A friend of mine had bought 1 of the 2 of these robots that got sold through the indiegogo campaign.
I am trying to locate as many info as I can, but I can find none.

Does anybody know anything about it?


Anyone know what kind of webcam that is on the robot? I like how it is being used.

It sounds more like a Product to me.

Quote from the site:

What’s Included in “Parker1 WiFi Kit” ?
“Parker1 WiFi Kit” is first available at launch. The users need “Assembly-It-Yourself” with common cross screwdriver and pliers.


This is just an advert, not a members robot project.

If you want to post this as a robot project then please post details about how you developed it otherwise this is just spam.

I'd turn Parker1 into an Open Source Project. It aims to build up a low-cost robot vision platform using "Arduino + OpenWrt". So hobbyists can make use of it to build new brilliant robots. More information / sharings will be put here and Parker1 website.

OddBot, thanks for your interest in Parker1. Have a nice day!

Nice combi. I am planning to use the TP-Link WR703 as a bridge/router on a robot.

It looks like a very nice kit but you seem scared to post the price either here on LMR or on your website. How much does it cost?

I checked the website and at the bottom is a link to his indiegogo campaign. Approx $150 seems to get you one.