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Wigglebot Bug



Wigglebot Bug is a little robot insect.

Wigglebots the genesis of the robots are analog and use the basic concepts of mechanics to move. They are even more fun when they get together for a different ride. It flashes bright eyes and move in various directions to get tired legs. Just shut it down and after a short rest he is ready to ride again.









Tools that you need:

Item Image
Soldering Iron
Nose Plier
Cutting Plier
Super Glue


































Item Qty. Image
Mini-Motor  01
Coin Bat. Holder 01
3 Volt Coin Bat. 01
Flashing LED  02
Switch  01
Clips  02
Junction  02



How to assemble

Step 1:

Cut the clips as shown in the images


Step 2:

Fold the larger piece of the clip (right in picture above) as indicated.
The result will be the "legs" of Wigglebot.





Step 3:

Cut the remaining piece of the clip as shown.




Step 4:

Screw one of the "legs" to the Junction as indicated.



Step 5:

Screw the second "leg" + remaining bit of the clip to the other Junction as shown.






Step 6:

Screw the "legs" to the coin battery holder as shown.






Step 7:

Glue the Mini-Motor to the coin battery holder as shown.



Step 8:

Solder the red wire of the Mini-Motor "leg" as indicated.


Step 9:

Insert and solder the switch as shown.


Step 10:

Solder the blue wire of the Mini-Motor on the switch as shown.






Step 11:

Solder the longer terminals of the LEDs at the top of the battery holder as indicated.






Step 12:

Solder the shorter terminals of the LEDs at the bottom of the battery holder,
on the same terminal of the switch where the blue wire is, as indicated.





Last step :)

Insert the Battery in Battery Holder.
Your Wigglebot BUG is ready to take a ride! Switch on and have fun!











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Well, following the instructions and using what I had at hand I made (finished) my own wigglebot last night :)


P.S. - The clear duct tape is just there to hold two piggybacked CR1260 batteries (since they are smaller than the holder) because I did not have any charged CR2032 at hand to use :( 

Hey @ kariloy congratz, it looks very nice :) well done!

what about some video showing your wigglebot taking a ride ?



Sure thing, here you go: http://youtu.be/93tsysNIYzk

Btw, where do you got those color flashing LED from? which online store

These? well these I got quite some time ago among an assorted pack of electronics, there were only 4 LEDs (size: 3mm) among that pack.

To get LEDs only you can find plenty on ebay, you just have to choose what type, color, shape, size and quantity of LEDs. There's plenty of sellers with good prices on bulk deals.

Yes got it now!



What is the exact name of the junction you used in the demonstration in the picture?

Where can I buy this junction?



Really, perfect Instruction! It made me register to LMR, finally, just now!

I closely watched LMR already a bit. But your work is great!

Do I understand right, that there has to be a conductive link between the front and rear legs?



it is one of the best small and cheap robot liked it.

Thanks guys, these comments are a great incentive !

Now there is a video showing how fun is the wigglebot running ;)